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A Strip-O-Gram is a form of message delivery in which a woman or man will perform a striptease while singing
or dancing. The word is a combination of telegram and striptease. This type of entertainment became popular
in the 1970's in the US and spread to the UK and Europe during the 1980's. Exact dates are difficult to
ascertain however, as there does not appear to have been any major research carried out on the subject.

Typically a Strip-O-Gram is most often a form of gift given for a birthday, anniversary or bachelor party. A
common practice is for the strippergram to be dressed in an outfit of one kind or another and to act out some
form of charade connected with this, before commencing their act - for example a police officer 'arresting'
somebody, a lawyer pretending to serve papers, a jilted bride and so on, (sometimes this charade will be
relevant to something the intended 'victim' has experienced, such as a divorce, or brush with the law).

An increasingly popular dynamic in this form of entertainment is humiliation of the intended victim, with mild
bondage (for example, the use of handcuffs), partial undressing of the victim and so on. Boundaries vary
widely, with sexual acts occasionally coming into the equation.
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For Bachelor or Bachelorette Group Parties
- 1 Dancer Girl or Guy  $150.00 for 1 hour
- 1 Dancer Girl or Guy  
$300.00 for 2 hours
- 2 Dancers Girl or Guy   
$300.00 for 1 hour
Strip - o - Gram 1 to 2 songs Girl or Guy
Pricing for 1 on 1, Multiple Dancers, Go Go Dancing, Male Revues,
Massages, Bartenders or any other of our
services are different than priced above.

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If you prefer not to book your appointment by telephone, you can use EMAIL to request your quote and
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as well as the time frame for which you are booking.

The telephone is the preferred method of booking your reservation.

You must be available to receive telephone confirmation from us at the time of your booking. Failure to
confirm by telephone will result in an automatic cancellation.
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